Meet Our Team

Freda Kemp

Freda Kemp is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of StellenSport (Pty) Ltd and is currently completing her PhD in Sport Science. Ms Kemp is a qualified netball coach with various successful coaching endeavours and a passion for the development of players on a holistic level. Ms Kemp’s passion for player upliftment was key in the establishment of the StellenSport brand. Her vision is for all netball players to be able to make the sport a career choice like their rugby, soccer and cricket counterparts.
During her career as a sport scientist and netball aficionado Ms Kemp has been privileged to work with the likes of Norma Plummer, renowned Australian Netball legend, which further enthused her to conceptualise netball as a professional sport in South Africa.
With the help of her mentor, Ms Sandra Du Plessis, Ms Kemp has developed the comprehensive structure that will form the basis of the Premier Netball League.
Ms Kemp has a very active home life being a wife to retired South African Baseball player, Bles Kemp and mother of three very active boys. Her faith in God and her love for her family keeps her grounded


Dr Charlotte Scholtz

Charlotte Scholtz is the Chief Operations Officer of StellenSport (Pty) Ltd and has a PhD in Human Genetics obtained from the University of Stellenbosch. Dr Scholtz has always had a passion for sport and netball in specific. She is a qualified netball coach, technical official and administrator.
Her passion for the sport sprouts from her personal experience in the sport and the positive impact the sport has had in her life. She believes that sport can provide an escape for our existential living and can provide a glimpse to women of what might be. Her strong belief system is based on her faith in God and understanding that the journey of a thousand steps begins with a single step.
Dr Scholtz through her experience in the private sector as well as her extensive travel around the world brings a refreshing attention to detail that is needed to bring the StellenSport vision to life.