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StellenSport Premier Netball League

The StellenSport Premier Netball League promises to be a show case of netball talent in South Africa. Mimicking international competitions, the SPNL will strive to groom netball players for the international stage by providing ample opportunity for growth and high level competition on home soil. The SPNL will provide a steady income to netball players and team management who currently have to practise netball on an amateur level due to the sport’s status in South Africa. The SPNL hope to introduce and develop talented players and increase the pool of talent for the National teams.

High Performance Programme

StellenSport has secured a scientifically sound high performance programme as their flagship for 2020. This programme has been compiled by the retired Protea Netball player, Ms Erin Burger and internationally renowned sport scientist Niel Du Plessis from SSL. The programme will be rolled out extensively in the Western Cape. In our endeavour to uplift the level of netball in the Western Cape and South Africa at large, our HP system is available to institutions at a competitive rate.


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The Netball MasterClass

At StellenSport our mission is to uplift women and girls through sport. Part of our drive from Grassroots to Greatness is our Netball MasterClass which provides teachers and coaches with lesson plans for specific age groups.
We are rolling out our Primary School Curriculum in 2020 where teachers and coaches can have age-specific lesson plans with video for ages: 5-6yrs; 7-8yrs; 9-10yrs and 11-12yrs.
We will be rolling out our High School / Secondary School Curriculum in 2021.


Coaching lessons plans will also be available from experienced coaches with specific themes; like attack, defense and more position specific drills for the various netball positions.


These lesson plans will be available on a subscription basis. For more details, click here.


The Netball Insider

The Netball Insider is a netball focused online magazine. The magazine will highlight all netball activities from schools to senior level as well as international platforms.
With The Netball Insider we hope to share a glimpse of our Protea Netball Players and their professional netball careers in Australia, New Zealand and England
We also hope to highlight players from our local leagues in order for our youth to aspire to choose netball as a career.


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GPS Tracking

GPS monitoring systems for team sports allows for accurate measures of players’ fitness and physical activity. It determines the workload, individual player loads and can estimate the risk of injuries. StellenSports’ scientific approach to team success is based on the analysis of multiple parameters of compiled data and comprehensive reporting and recommendations to improve overall team performance.


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Game Analysis

Apart from our GPS tracking services, we also offer a game analysis service that will assist coaches in strategic and overall game tactics. At StellenSport we make use of iSport analysis to provide in-depth sports performance analysis for team sports.
We are able to tag specific actions during matches and create insight into team and player performance. In addition, the coaching corner provided on the platform allows interactive discussions and improvement strategies to be shared. Players and coaches can communicate with each other while watching their games.


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StellenSport Online Apparel Portal 

StellenSport has formed alliances with various individuals in the netball realm who is focused on rolling out netball specific apparel. 
Collaborators include retired Protea netball players Erin Burger, who is launching her netball playing apparel, Vanes-Marie Du Toit Proudfoot, who is launching her sport underwear apparel and Annie Kloppers who is launching an umpires clothing range as well as various netball paraphernalia which is normally not easy to obtain.
The portal will also carry SPNL branded clothing and gift sets.
(This portal is currently under construction and will be launched soon)


StellenSport Science Laboratory

StellenSport prides itself on its scientific approach to sport. Our Science laboratory in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch offers the following services:
    • Jump Analysis
    • Full Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
    • Analysis of skills
    • Muscle Activation (EMG)
    • Fitness Testing
    • Strength and Conditioning Services
    • Sport Psychological Skills Development
    • Antrophometrics and Body Fat Percentage Assessment
    • Aerobic Capacity
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Rehabilitation
Comprehensive coach-and/or player-friendly reports will be compiled and shared with the client. These assessments are typically done on an individual basis, but group services are also available.
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Indoor Training Facilities

With the 2023 Netball World Cup loading, a need exists for indoor netball facilities for training purposes. Interest has been shown by international teams hoping to schedule some of their 2023 NWC preparation in Cape Town in the 12-24 months leading up to the event. With this in mind, StellenSport is currently identifying venues that would fulfill this particular need.
The facility / facilities will be launched as soon as the due diligence has been completed.


StellenSport Ticketing Platform

Ticketing and handling of cash at big sporting events are currently a great risk and alternative measures are needed to assist event organisers and spectators in facilitating issuing of tickets for entry. With this in mind StellenSport has an online ticketing platform that can be used for any event. We are available to assist in the smooth online purchasing and issuing of tickets to institutions at no risk to the organisers.
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