About Us


StellenSport has been established by a group of like-minded individuals with a combination of business savvy and sports knowledge.


StellenSport management team is a trio of strong women who believe that sport is the glue that binds our rainbow nation together.


 Our purpose is to promote woman sport (netball) at a professional level while uniting communities. StellenSport has made a longstanding commitment to woman sport (netball) which encompasses all aspects of sport.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to promote and provide playing and learning platforms to women of all ages (inclusive of all communities) through development opportunities.


Our Vision is to uplift women through sport. We strive to achieve this through educational and development opportunities and ultimately provide a career path for young women.


We believe that through networking opportunities and various initiatives, we will provide women (young and old) with opportunities to grow in a personal and professional capacity.


Our Values

  • Sportsmanship
  • Professionalism & People Focus
  • Opportunities
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Trust & Transparency

Our Approach

We have developed a comprehensive approach which strives to improve performance on all levels, from grassroots to greatness. The main focus of our sport scientific approach is to maximize potential with the least risk possible risk of injury. Our goal is to be involved in the holistic development of the athletes.


This systematic approach has been developed with the help of Sport Scientists, coaches with more than 30 years’ netball experience, input from retired national players and in collaboration with the Sport Science Laboratory at the University of Stellenbosch.